Helmets INCLUDED for CHILDREN (Mandatory – 12 years old) and ADULTS if needed !

Implementation of COVID-19 measures in stores !



YES we do make RESERVATIONS ! But they are variable according to :

1/ the period of the year

2/ the period of heavy traffic : JULY / AUGUST

3/ the type of material desired!?

4/ the place where the RESERVED BIKES are stored! or the paid RESERVATIONS!

5/ the Mode and the Regulation of the RESERVATIONS !

1/ RESERVATIONS are POSSIBLE only during certain periods (these dates):

from (APRIL / MAY / JUNE) from 09/04/23 to 30/06/23 and in (SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER / NOVEMBER) from 01/09/23 to 7/11/23.

2/ IMPOSSIBLE to BOOK in JULY / AUGUST ! During the summer school vacations :

(in JULY / AUGUST > IMPOSSIBLE ! ) ) from JULY 1st to August 31st, it will not be possible to reserve !, because we have a very strong affluence of Holiday makers on Annecy and Annecy le Vieux PETIT PORT, which makes the RESERVATIONS of Bicycles unmanageable for ALL (YOU and US) in our stores !

We advise you rather to pass as of the OPENING of the Stores of BIKES on ANNECY or ANNECY the OLD SMALL PORT knowing that this year we have + 500 BIKES to RENT!

For information, you should know that WE ARE THE LARGEST RENTER of BIKES on the ANNECY LAKE and OPEN ALL YEAR LONG !

MINIMUM RENTAL DURATION : Minimum 1 day (from morning to evening), or MORE according to the models and possibilities !

MAXIMUM RENTAL DURATION : 3 weeks for some models of bikes (VTC Comfort, VTC Sport, Children’s bikes)

3/ Here are the different models of Bikes (ATTENTION to the Sizes!) which can be RESERVED at ROUL’ ma POULE ANNECY le VIEUX PETIT PORT : (All our Bikes are adapted to make the whole tour of the Lake of ANNECY : Light, Performing, Practical, equipped with Gears…)

VTC CONFORT bike(RED), VTC SPORT bike (GREY), VAE E-BIKE, LONGTAIL FAMILY MOUSTACHE (ELECTRA, BEIGE, GREEN or GREY), or CHILDREN BICYCLES (20 Inches or 24 Inches), Children trailers (for 1 to 2 Children) Mini 12 months to 7 years Maxi 45 kg The rest of the equipment (VAE, FITNESS Light…) is available in one of the two stores in ANNECY or ANNECY le VIEUX !

ATTENTION ! the ENSEMBLE of the MATERIAL is available rather at the opening of the SHOP ! after it will be impossible for us to know the various variable availabilities according to the Weather and the variable Demand !?

Good understanding to you.

4/ All the validated RESERVATIONS are to be RECEIVED ONLY :


at the store ROUL’ ma POULE in ANNECY le VIEUX PETIT PORT ( BEFORE 10h30 MAXI ! ) located :

47, avenue du Petit Port


33 (0)4 50 23 31 15

5/ Any RESERVATION must be validated by our platform of RESERVATION partner: « NOTRESPHERE.COM » in order to VALIDATE your reservation and to pay your deposit of 50 %.

(see and validate the conditions of renting « NOTRESPHERE.COM » and « ROUL’ ma POULE » ).

The BALANCE of the RENTAL (i.e. the remaining 50%) will be paid on the spot at ROUL’ ma POULE ANNECY le VIEUX PETIT PORT !

ATTENTION ! bring your identity papers, or driving license and credit card (CARTE BLEUE) in order to regularize the deposit !

ATTENTION ! remember to unlock your bank : your credit card limit to activate the AMOUNT of the DEPOSIT (PLBS+) which will be asked on the spot and could be important !

Is there a deposit or papers to provide ? Before signing the contract, we take an ID or driver’s license, and Borrow CB (PLBS+). Only then; you will become responsible for the bike, its general condition, breakage or theft of it and a deposit may be required: either by credit card (CB type VISA) in the form of Bank Loan Type PLBS+, or by check with ID or license (to see on site).

After signing the contract you become responsible for the bike, its general condition, breakage or theft. We advise you to store the bike in a secure place, during the day or night, depending on the authorized duration. (During the stop, pay attention to the storage of the BICYCLES in order not to damage the front and rear derailleurs!)

(BE CAREFUL to UNLOCK (or have your bank UNLOCK the PLBS+) your CB Ceiling to activate the AMOUNT of the DEPOSIT which can be important!

Am I insured ? We do not provide insurance for theft or breakage! But when you sign the RENTAL contract, you must already be the holder of a civil liability insurance which will be valid as insurance.

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