Helmets INCLUDED for CHILDREN (-12 years Mandatory) and ADULTS if needed !


Why RENT a bike at ROUL’ ma POULE located in front of Lake Annecy and its cycle track ?

It is possible to RENT different types of bikes and different sizes at ROUL’ ma POULE :
VTC CONFORT bike (Red with gooseneck frame), VTC SPORT bike (Grey or Blue), VTC Mini XS bike (Grey or Green), FITNESS bike (Fluorescent Red/Black), Electrically Assisted Bike or VAE (Bosch central engine; Dark Blue or Grey), TANDEMS Alu Disc Brakes, Lightweight CHILDREN Bikes (4 – 12 years) or (1m to 1,50m), CHILDREN Trailers (12 months – 7 years) or (16 months – 8 years), ANIMAL Trailers (35 kg Maxi) Accessories…


The proposed bikes are of the last generation and of VERY GOOD QUALITY!


These Bikes are intended for RENTAL and to circulate on the cycle track bordering the Lake Annecy or around the Lake Annecy. They are manufactured in France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland according to the Brands of which some, with a specification made House “way ROUL’ my CHICKEN”. These bikes are assembled from aluminium frames, both light and customized to provide you with maximum comfort and safety. They are very ROLLING, NERVOUS, Handy equipped with Anti puncture tires, double wall aluminium rims, some of them equipped with front basket supports, with front and rear mudguards, light and solid luggage racks (from 18 to 30 kg in load), 24 to 27 speeds Shimano Altus/Acera/Nexus, V-brake or Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, VTC comfort or freeze saddles, Aluminium and non-slip pedals, Comfort grips, Water bottle holders, Rear derailleur protections, Adjustable saddle clamps, Equipped with crutches, Bells, Lights… REVISED and CHECKED and CLEANED DAILY !

HOW TO RENT BICYCLES How to RENT equipment from ROUL’ ma POULE ?


You just have to go to one of our three stores: ANNECY, ANNECY le VIEUX or SÉVRIER; (check the opening periods beforehand!) with a deposit in the form of ID, driver’s license, then bring your credit card or check depending on the type of bike rental to be done.


BE CAREFUL to UNLOCK your credit card limit to activate the amount of the deposit!


We write together a rental contract to define :
– The type and quantity of bike(s), trailer(s), seat(s) desired,
– The time of your departure, and the maximum expected return !
– The accessories (free) that you need.


Please note that a contract can only be concluded with a person who has reached the age of majority.


You leave for the time you want during the opening hours and the payment is done at your return according to the duration used which leaves you free to leave 1 hour, 2 hours, +2 hours to 4 hours, or even, +4 hours to the whole day (from the Morning to the Evening).

CHOICE OF BICYCLE What type of BICYCLE can we rent you ?

We have a range of bikes to suit all needs: Easy, Comfort, Sport, Fitness, Electric, Unusual. The entire bike rental fleet is renewed regularly and of very good quality! All our bikes are designed to evolve around Lake Annecy (40 kms with flat and uphill). They are equipped with very light aluminium frames, stainless steel screws, double-walled rims, anti-puncture tires, gears, adjustable saddle clamps, luggage racks, bells, lights and above all they are regularly checked, revised and cleaned!


VTC CONFORT : The VTC range is the best price/comfort ratio with its all-aluminum frame, 24 gears, double-walled 700 aluminum wheels and reinforced road tires (700 x 35) offer excellent performance, then its mudguards, luggage rack and the possibility of putting a basket in the front. Designed to ride for a long time, the VTC comfort bikes offer an extremely comfortable saddle, raised handlebars and a frame that is easy to climb over (Swan neck), which will give you an upright position on the bike, allowing you to relieve your back, shoulders and arms.


VTC SPORT or TRECKING : The VTC range is the best price/comfort ratio with its all-aluminum frame, 24 gears, 700 aluminum double-wall wheels and reinforced road tires (700 x 35) offer excellent performance, then its mudguards, luggage rack and the possibility of putting a basket in front. Designed to ride for a long time, the Sport/trekking VTCs offer more sportiness (mountain bike type position) than the comfort VTCs with a frame offering a more forward position to favor accelerations. Comfort is always present with a padded seat and slightly raised handlebars.


SPORT FITNESS LIGHT Bikes: Want to cross a pass or simply get the most out of this hybrid bike between a mountain bike and a road bike offers the advantages of these two types of bikes, like a racing bike with flat handlebars! The frame: designed as a mountain bike with flat handlebars for better handling and acceleration, it is also very light with its hydroformed aluminum frame and carbon fork. The equipment: Compact 18 speed transmission, 700 wheels and reinforced road tires (700 x 28) offer excellent performance, and they are accompanied by hydraulic brakes for progressive and powerful braking. The 27 gears will get you over any pass with ease while staying comfortable on the downhill.


Electrically Assisted Bikes or VAE (BOSCH motorized): They allow you to keep the pleasure, the ease and the freedom of cycling while erasing the difficulties. Comfortable and easy to use, they have silent motors capable of making you cross any hill with the desired effort for outings of 60 to 120 kilometers depending on the level of assistance and the relief encountered. As for the VTC range, you have the choice between a more comfortable or more sportive position, depending on the models proposed.


Attention: only for people over 16 years old and without the possibility to adapt
child seats or trailers on the back of the bike!


Adult VTC Tandems: A fun and unusual approach to cycling for two, which is easy to master with the tips we will provide you with when you leave. These are adult VTC tandems, and we do not have tandems for children and must validate together if a child is big enough to be on the back (mini 1,50m).


Attention: no trailer or child seat can be installed on a tandem because of the length of the tandem and the impossibility of putting too much weight on the back on the luggage rack not adapted!


Children’s bikes: In 16 inches (from 0,95m to 1,20m), 20 inches (from 1,10m to 1,35m), or 24 inches (from 1,25m to 1,50m), for children from 5 to 13 years old or from 0,95m to 1,50m Maxi. Typical MTB, they will be perfect for their comfort and fun. (FREE helmet provided and Mandatory for – 12 years).


Children’s Seats (bike): For 1 child from 12 months to 5 years old and less than 22 kilograms max, they are mounted on the rear luggage rack of the VTC bikes range only (Comfort or Sport). Perfect for short rides of 1 to 2 hours, the child will have a higher viewpoint to admire the landscape. (FREE helmet provided and Mandatory)


Attention, at 12 months the baby’s body is malleable which makes it more sensitive to shocks. Don’t hesitate to be careful and use moderate speed!


Children’s trailers: Can contain up to 2 children from 12 or 18 months (depending on the model) and up to 7 years and 35 kg maximum cumulated, they hang behind the bikes of the VTC range only. The children are attached in harness or by a side belt. A small trunk at the back will allow you to add your stuff. Perfect for outings of several hours and a well-deserved nap.


The Animal trailer : Only one in our possession so we advise you to come early in the morning or to contact us by mail or by phone to validate its availability, see its reservation. The maximum weight is 35 kg.


Be careful with the use of trailers or children’s seats which oblige all cyclists to evolve with caution and at a moderate speed! The choice of the route, the frequentation, and the green barriers against cars located on the cycle track will oblige you to ride slowly in order to avoid any incident! Keep your eyes OPEN and Anticipate!

ACCESSORIES What accessories do we provide?

FREE! We propose them to you at the time of the drafting of the contract for your comfort and your safety.


Helmets: Only mandatory for children under 12 years old on bikes, and optional in trailers. We advise you to wear a helmet on the bike, offer them free of charge for the practice and safety of the child and All(es).


Repair kits: Already in place on the bikes, and depending on the model of bike, it is either a repair kit (Inner tube, tire changer, pump) or anti-puncture bombs containing a liquid to be put during a puncture that will harden and allow to finish the outing with a light mind.


Front baskets: Only for adult VTC and some electric bikes, they can support up to 4 kg and allow you to put your small stuff, water bottles, picnic, phone port, etc…


Locks: BEWARE OF A LOT OF BICYCLE THEFT on ANNECY CENTER! 1 lock will be lent to you to secure your bike or bikes during your ride around Lake Annecy and its bike path, while remaining under your vigilance and your responsibility in case of bike theft!


Advice : please always attach the bike(s) with frame, wheel, pri(s) at a fixed point, in view of the passage. When renting a bike for a long period of time, remember to store the bike(s) in a secure place at night and secure it!


ATTENTION ! there is no guarantee against theft or breakage of the bike or bike parts, which will be charged to the customer !!!


In order to avoid the problems of breakage of chain, always think of respecting the alignment of the chain: “the LINE of CHAIN” and to pass the speeds correctly and without forcing! that will avoid you all problems of breakage!



Seen from the outside, the chain line seems to be an insignificant detail and easy to adjust on a bike, especially if it is equipped with gears. However, you will see that the subject is quite complex! The chain line is a very important part of the transmission of a bike, especially when the bike is equipped with gears. We explain everything about the chain line!


“What is the chain line of a bicycle?


The chain line of a bicycle is an imaginary line that passes through the center of the front chainring(s) and through the center of the rear sprocket(s). It is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the bicycle, that is to say the median axis of your bicycle which passes by the middle of the wheels, the middle of the bottom bracket as well as by the center of the head tube.



Why is the chain line important on a bike?


The chain line of a road, urban or mountain bike is important for :
– The proper functioning of the transmission components and gears
Reduce premature wear of parts (sprockets, chain and chainrings)
Guarantee a better mechanical efficiency of the chain and a better output (although the losses are minor, in particular with the more flexible modern chains)
The safety of the cyclist, by avoiding derailments and consequently, the breakage of the chain, or the risks of fall!!!
Of course, the more you are looking for performance, the more important the chain line is!




The consequences of a bad chain line

A bad chain line means that the front chainring(s) are not aligned with the rear sprocket(s) or the chain is crossed! What are the consequences on a bike ?
– Bad functioning of the gears
– Derailment of the chain
– Rattling when pedaling
– Gear shifting problems, even when the derailleurs are correctly adjusted
– Or Chain breakage!


Reservations are variable depending on the period and the type of equipment desired! Please note that during vacation periods, weekends, or public holidays, and in the summer, there is a very high number of people in Annecy and Annecy le Vieux, which means that all the bikes from the rental companies will be taken in the morning, which makes it impossible to make a reservation.


How to make a reservation ? Since we allow our customers to RENT bikes for the duration they want during the day: (from 1 hour to 1 day of use!?), and that we note the times of departure just at the time of the establishment of the contract of RENT and the taking of bicycles, then, we will never be able to know who and when, how will return the bicycle (s)! consequently we will not be able to make reservations in the afternoon and will be able to keep the validated reservation only until 1 hour, 1,30 hour after the opening of the store and not later! It is possible to make a reservation by phone, by email, or face to face and wait for the validation by a person of our team your precise reservation. We will then need to have some information: the type of equipment desired ? the quantity of equipment ? the size(s) of the people/by type of equipment (bike) ? your name, first name and your phone number or email or both.


The reservation will be simply FREE and notified to us, (IF POSSIBLE ???) then, the CANCELLATION will be made FREE and AUTOMATICALLY if ABSENCE or DELAY or CANCELLATION of your or our part (cause WEATHER or other).


ATTENTION ! for INFORMATION In case of strong affluence, know that we will privilege the face to face customer (e), rather than the telephone or the mails ! Good understanding to you !


What type of BICYCLE can we BOOK? Only Electrically Assisted Bikes (EAB), Tandems can be booked at certain times of the year (to be checked with the store!) or for certain GROUPS! (with departure and return to the same store)


How long in advance ? Depending on the time of year and the number of visitors (weekends, vacation periods, public holidays…), we advise you to book 3 days to 4 weeks in advance.


Are group reservations possible? We have a large stock of bikes for groups of up to 40/50 adults. For groups of children and teenagers, we must validate the size of the participants together before validating the reservation since the stock of children’s bikes is smaller. For some GROUPS ! (with departure and return to the same store)


How is the payment made ? The payment is obligatory on the spot by credit card (type VISA), cash or check, or ANCV. We provide you with a receipt or an invoice if needed.

How do the long term rentals work ?

Only a part of our range of bikes can be available for long term rentals (possible or not!) depending on availability and period. Please contact the store by phone or email for more information.


How does it work ? We work by 24 hours and this up to 3 weeks. For example, if you pick up a bike at 1:00 pm and bring it back before 1:00 pm the next day, you will be in the 24-hour format, but if it is brought back at 5:00 pm, you will be in the 48-hour bracket.


How to define the rental period ? We only ask to know the approximate duration of the rental. If you want to have the bike for 4 days but you bring it back after 2 days, you will pay for 2 days as well as you can keep it a little longer. The maximum duration is 3 weeks in all cases, depending on the agreement negotiated in the store and the equipment rented at the beginning!


Is there a deposit ? When you sign the contract, we require an identity card or driving license, then you become responsible for the bike, its general condition, breakage or theft and a deposit may be required:

either by credit card (CB type VISA) in the form of a PLBS+ bank loan, or

or by check with ID or license (to see on site), then; after signing the contract you become responsible for the bike, its general condition, breakage or theft. We advise you to store the bike in a secure place, during the day or night (During the stop, be careful to store the BICYCLES so as not to damage the front and rear derailleurs!)


(BE CAREFUL to UNLOCK (or have your bank UNLOCK the PLBS+) your CB Ceiling to activate the AMOUNT of the DEPOSIT which can be important!


Am I insured? We do not provide theft or breakage insurance! We do not provide theft or breakage insurance, but when you sign the RENTAL contract, you must already have a civil liability insurance policy that is valid as insurance.


What will be the clauses of the RENTAL contract: The contracting party recognizes that he/she has taken the RENTAL material in good working order. He/she undertakes to return it in the same condition. All costs caused by damage to the equipment, damage or theft will be charged to the client, who is responsible for the equipment rented. In case of accident or theft, the customer has the obligation to inform ROUL’ ma POULE within 24 hours, and to provide the original or the copy of the complaint filed with the GENDARIE or the POLICE for theft or other.


What to do in case of Theft or Material Breakage or Accident ? You must inform ROUL’ ma POULE within 24 hours, then provide the original or a copy of the complaint filed with the GENDARIERIE or the POLICE for Theft of material, Damage, Accident or other. Then you will have to approach ROUL’ ma POULE in order to regularize with your load any expenses caused with ROUL’ ma POULE. Afterwards, an invoice will be delivered to you in order to see and if possible, to arrange with your insurance!

BIKE TOURS Where and how to ride a bike in Annecy and in the region HAUTE SAVOIE and SAVOIE ?

In Haute-Savoie and Savoie, where everyone can express their passion for cycling: Bicycle ride along the Lake Annecy: Annecy and its Green Way (Cycle track) accessible to families along the lake, or more sporty Le Tour du lac d’Annecy. CYCLING TOURISM Climbing mythical mountain passes: Col de la Forclaz, Col des Leschaux, Montée du Semnoz, Col du Marais, Col de L’Iseran, Col du Galibier, Cornet de Roselend, Col de Joux-Plane, Col de la Colombière… The possibilities are infinite. With more than a hundred marked cycling itineraries for all levels combined with greenways, rustic routes and bike roads, there are nearly 110 cycling routes available in the Savoie Mont Blanc region for cycling enthusiasts.


Look, Choose your different Routes for Biking, Cycling, Mountain biking, Hiking… classified by level of difficulty : Green , Blue , Red , Black ; like the Difficulties on the Ski slopes !


A maximum of information also via the Internet Site SAVOIE MONT BLANC :

GREEN WAY What is the Green Way along the Annecy lake or the Annecy cycle path ? difficulty : Green

This is one of the oldest greenways in France, and now one of the most frequented. It has a rather flat profile and is entirely paved. Above all, it allows you to discover an exceptional environment by bike, from 1 to 99 years old. The first part goes along the lake and its beaches. The first part is along the lake and its beaches. It is an independent route, forbidden to motorists (watch out for the green barriers) and motorcyclists, and shared by bicycles, rollerbladers and pedestrians. It is located at the departure of Annecy in front of ROUL’ ma POULE, you will go along the edge of the lake until Sevrier 5 kms with beach and Playground for the children and (water point), then until St Jorioz 9 kms Playground for the children and also beach and (water point), then you will be able to take advantage of the Crique or the ” Criq’ Parc ” playground located in the wood for the children, Original and very Sympa ! Then you will take again the road by continuing direction Duingt 12 kms (its castle, its tunnel), then after the tunnel direction Brédannaz 14 kms, RDV you in front of an old Locomotive (Toilets and point of water), then continue to pedal until Doussard 19 kms, and then you will pass in the department of Savoy little after Marlens 30 kms and will arrive finally at Ugine there, or ends of the green way, at the end of its 35 kms. Difference in height 50 m.

TOUR DU LAC d’ANNECY How to do the tour of the lake of Annecy ? difficulty : Blue

40 kilometers long with a difference in altitude of 552 meters, the tour of Annecy lake is the most popular bike ride in the area. Depending on your level and your desire, it can be done in 2 hours or as a discovery ride between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the stops, or the day! With its 552 meters of difference in altitude, we advise you to do it clockwise, that is to say, first passing through Veyrier du Lac and then returning through Sevrier. Go down the east bank and go up the west bank.


As the bicycle path does not go all the way around the lake, we advise you to go through the small streets along the lake shore between Veyrier du Lac and Menthon Saint Bernard (follow Tennis, then Port de Menthon Saint Bernard).


This will lead you to the Port, then to the Palace of Menthon where you will be blocked by the Roc de Chère. You will have to go around it by going back up the road of the Palace to the D909A (a small parking lot is next to it) and you will be able to go on the right to get the cycle track which will go back up to Echarvine (Haut de Talloires) and at the junction continue on the right to go down to Talloires.


Be careful, the descent of Talloires must be taken with precaution because it is very steep and therefore very fast with hairpin turns. Use your two brakes simultaneously and progressively by anticipating well before each turn.


Then, we advise you to leave the main road to go down inside the village of Talloires and its magnificent marina from where you can admire the castle of Duingt in the distance.


Then, you will continue your descent towards the south of the lake by bicycle path almost all the way. Only a small portion must be taken on the road. Keep to the right in single file, putting the children in the middle of the line if there are any.


Finally, the resumption of the bike path will take you along the south side of the lake and its magnificent nature reserve (which can only be used on foot) and then turn right after passing under a bridge. From this point on, the bike path or greenway is complete to return to the north of the lake. You can leave the path at any time to return to the surrounding villages.

FREQUENTATION What are the peak periods?

The periods of strong affluence are the weekends, the bridges due to the public holidays (in particular May), the school vacations but especially the summer.


Weekends: When the weather is good, there are always many more rentals, especially on Sundays. In February, March, April, October and November there is less traffic. In May, June and September, we advise you to come in the morning to be sure to have the equipment you want in your size.


The bridges : When the weather is good, the bridges are as crowded as in the summer. Annecy is less than 2 hours away from Geneva, Lyon and Grenoble for example, so you can enjoy a long weekend between lake and mountains. We can usually empty our stock of bikes in less than 2 hours. Plan to come early in the morning with your deposit.


Be careful, we only have about 30 electric bikes and it is a growing demand and it could be that 30 minutes to 1 hour maximum after opening, we don’t have any more of this type of bikes! You should know that we still have almost 400 bikes spread over the 2 ROUL’ ma POULE stores between ANNECY and ANNECY le VIEUX!


Please note that the parking spaces around our stores and Lake Annecy are very crowded, so you should come early enough!


School vacations: When the weather is good, we have more bike rentals, especially children’s bikes, trailers and seats. As we have less children’s bikes and in different sizes, please check the availability of sizes with us as all 20″ bikes can be taken out when we will still have 24″ bikes for example. Plan to come early on school vacation weekends as holiday makers as well as locals will increase the traffic in the store.


Summer: If the weather is good, this is the peak season for all merchants around the lake. The period from July 15 to August 25 is quite touristy and the use of bicycles is almost mandatory since the only road around the lake is always saturated with traffic jams that can last for several hours.


Think of coming early enough to come and RENT and CHOOSE your type of BICYCLE! It will be easier !


Please note that we only have about 30 electric bikes and the demand is growing. Beyond 30 minutes to 1 hour maximum, we will not have any more electric bikes!


PARKING Is it possible to park near the stores easily ?

The Annecy store is located next to 5 free and paid parking lots and is less than 2 minutes walk away.

The Annecy le Vieux store is located next to 3 free and paying parking lots within a 2 minute walk.


It is therefore easy to park but be careful, all these parking lots are on the lake side and known by all.

In case of good weather and during weekends, holidays, school vacations and high summer, you will have to come early enough in the morning to be sure to find a place. Before 11am!


Annecy is a much more touristic city than it seems and the traffic is dense because only one road borders the lake and the old town of Annecy along the canal at the mouth of the lake is totally pedestrian. Plan your visit accordingly!

GIFT VOUCHER Is it possible to make a gift voucher ?

All payments must be made either through our website, or on the day of the event as we never know how long our customers will use our bikes.


However, the gift voucher can be made in advance if you come to the store by defining precisely what type of equipment you want, the exact duration of the rental and making the payment at that time. The people receiving the gift voucher will potentially have to inform us of their coming in case of specific rental (VAE, Tandems, Fitness bike, Child trailer… for example) and if they can reserve the equipment.


In all cases, our team will explain in detail the procedure to follow to take full advantage of this gift voucher.

STORE OPENINGS Are the stores open all year round?

The Annecy store is open almost every year, from February to the end of December. We also open in December during the Christmas market. We are closed only a few days in November and January.


The store in Annecy le Vieux also rents bicycles and is open for a shorter period of time during the year, from the beginning of April to the end of September and maybe more depending on the next seasons and the demand.


– Riding a bicycle without a helmet for a child under 12 years old.

– Riding a bicycle on a crosswalk.

– Riding your bike up or down the sidewalk.

– Carry a person on the rack.

– Subletting the Equipment.

– Extend the rental period without prior agreement from the store.




We look forward to meeting you, informing you, advising you and RENTING you QUALITY BIKES!


Wishing you a nice ride. All the team ROUL’ ma POULE.