Why RENT of Kayaks or PADDLES BOARDS in ROUL’ ma POULE Shop Annecy le Vieux ?

You can RENT Kayaks Single seater, two-seater kayaks Paddles and Boards in ROUL ‘my HEN: Adult or Family. Kayaks are the brand “ROTOMOD” and “DK” for Paddles. The proposed equipment is last generation and VERY GOOD QUALITY! These Kayaks / PADDLES are provided for rental to navigate easily on Lake Annecy. They are made in France, both Light, Handy and confortable.

Life jackets and paddles Rescues INCLUDED, KIDS, ADULTS !



How long can we Rent of Kayaks / PADDLES at ROUL’ ma POULE ?

In ROUL’ ma POULE Annecy le vieux; We offer you all the possible options: from renting by the hour, 2 hours, 3 to 4:00 / ½ Day, or a Day. Should there DOCUMENTS FOR RENT Hardware? Yes, we must be able to prove his identity, to be Maggiore RENT equipment. We must therefore bring either: An ID card or a driving license or a passport, or Carte Grise. It will also complete a Rental Agreement and to leave a deposit if you have requested? either CB or by ESP or by CHEQUE + Identity room.

Or should we bring the equipment ? the same place as we took ?

Yes, it is imperative to Bring the rental equipment Kayaks / PADDLES the same shop ROLL ‘my HEN Annecy le Vieux, or leased the same equipment.

What LOCATIONS Terms and Insurance Bonds ?

Anyone wishing RENT equipment in ROUL ‘my HEN has an obligation to have a Personal Liability Insurance. The client undertakes via the rental contract to Restore the equipment RENTED, in the same state as it took. All costs incurred by damage to equipment, damage or theft will be charged to the client responsible for the rented equipment. Repairs made outside the ROUL stores’ my HEN will not be refundable, unless prior consent of the owner. In case of accident or theft; The customer has the obligation to inform ROLL ‘my HEN within 24 hours. ROLL ‘my HEN also has a professional insurance in case of hardware failure. Skilled professionals (technicians Cycles) maintain all equipment.

Thank you for your understanding, Good ride, Have a good holidays !

It is forbidden to :

– Sub-lease the equipment.

– To prolong the rental period without prior agreement of the store.